Poster of the day

Summer is over and the busy fall season is in full swing. Fresh off the factory floor a new poster. We like it. Illustration by Shannon and layout by Paul.

Infographics Pt. 2

Much like Reese’s Peanut Butter cups this combines the two things we love: new clients and infographics! (Although we spell it with an “x”.)

BCCPC Infograohic

Have a great holiday season!

A special thank you to all our clients for making this our best year ever! We literally wouldn’t be here without you. Have a great holiday season and hope to see all of you (and more) next year. xmas-card-copy-1

Infographics – yes!

Sorry for the delay in creating new posts. Has been an incredibly busy summer. Thanks to all our clients for helping the business grow.

Been getting asked a lot lately “Do you do infographics?”. Of course! Infographics are a great way to inform your audience of complex data in a fun, interesting way. Case in point: this graphic just completed for the BC Centre for Disease Control.


Or this one where a large amount of data was required by the client.


For all the amateur superstars out there

My cousin Shane retired after spending 20 years in the military. He’s created a business that has to be pure genius. Sports memorabilia for the junior athlete in your family. He does everything from custom sports figures to videos to posters. I don’t do any work for him mostly because he can do it all himself. Check out his site at:

This is London Calling.

Super stoked to announce that after several late late night calls to a UK based hosting provider, our first international client’s site is now live.

PorthKornow is a London based communications company specializing in media relations, issues management, social and digital PR management, crisis planning and many other communications services. It is run by an exceptional fellow with a very cool name; Cornelius Alexander.

Check it out:


Home page Porth Kornow