Videos now on line

Hi there. It's been a minute. Busy with little things like CORONA :O. On a cheerier note, our new video site is now live. It's early days to be sure but we have broadcast-level experience in script writing, production management, directing, shooting and post production. Let us know about your video project and we can provide you with a competitive quote.


Design in the Time of Corona

Every once in a while (although nothing comes to mind) there comes a project you wish you didn't have to do. Such was the case when we were tasked by the BC Ministry of Health to produce a series of posters instructing the public and staff on procedures related to COVID19. Timelines were extremely tight and designs had to shift with ever changing knowledge of the disease. This was a 7 day a week 16 hour a day type of project but we couldn't be prouder of the results. Maybe not our best work but our finest hour.


Poster of the day

Summer is over and the busy fall season is in full swing. Fresh off the factory floor a new poster. We like it. Illustration by Shannon and layout by Paul.

Infographics Pt. 2

Much like Reese’s Peanut Butter cups this combines the two things we love: new clients and infographics! (Although we spell it with an “x”.)

BCCPC Infograohic

Have a great holiday season!

A special thank you to all our clients for making this our best year ever! We literally wouldn’t be here without you. Have a great holiday season and hope to see all of you (and more) next year. xmas-card-copy-1

Infographics – yes!

Sorry for the delay in creating new posts. Has been an incredibly busy summer. Thanks to all our clients for helping the business grow.

Been getting asked a lot lately “Do you do infographics?” Of course! Infographics are a great way to inform your audience of complex data in a fun, interesting way. Case in point: this graphic just completed for the BC Centre for Disease Control.


Or this one where a large amount of data was required by the client.


This is London Calling.

Super stoked to announce that after several late late night calls to a UK based hosting provider, our first international client’s site is now live.

PorthKornow is a London based communications company specializing in media relations, issues management, social and digital PR management, crisis planning and many other communications services. It is run by an exceptional fellow with a very cool name; Cornelius Alexander.

Check it out:


Home page Porth Kornow




Calling all stations

Our first UK client! Some logo concepts for a new PR firm in London. Interesting idea, Porth Kurnow was a strategic telegraph point during WW2. Our client believes a small entity can “be pivotal to global communications because of its strategic position.” So do we.